Form Controls and Permissions – a new approach

A vital part of the implementation process is locking down your process forms, to ensure users can’t do anything they shouldn’t and enforce a smooth flow.  It can be a cumbersome task however, and done improperly can cause issues further down the line.

For my last few projects I’ve been working on a new way of discussing, documenting and implementing form controls.

This includes restricting allowed state transitions, mandatory fields, read-only fields, button / control visibility, and any other required core logic to enforce a process in-tool.

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Does ServiceNow do SIAM?

I’ll start this post with a nice stock image of ITSM processes.  It shows loads of ITIL terms.  But it misses something really important – the suppliers.

SIAM – Service Integration and Management – is a term which is very popular at the moment.  The idea is not new; what’s new is the implementation and terminology, and getting an ESM tool like ServiceNow to fully support it.

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